Neue Synscan Firnware 4.39.10/3.39.10


Ich hab gesucht, aber anscheinend wurde das Thema noch nicht gepostet, wenn ja, dann bitte löschen.

Skywatcher hat am 5. Dezember 2019 eine neue Firmware für den Handcontroller V3 und V4/5 veröffentlicht
1. Update and correct the key-pressed slewing speed when key pressed in Rate 1 to Rate 8 in Alt/Dec axis, especially for those mounts, which have 
different gear-ratios in both axes including Sky-Watcher Discovery, Stargate 500 (20") SynScan, Stargate 450 (18") SynScan and EQM-35 telescope mounts.
2. Update and fix the issue for the older version of SynScan GPS, which has the Week Rollover issue reported that the date gets from the GPS is incorrect 
as showing in the year 2099 or the year in the past.
3. Update and fix the PEC not working issue for those equatorial mounts without the PPEC equipped.
4. Update and correct the telescope pointing issue for those AZ-GTi or AZ-GTe mounts, which are configured working in Equatorial mode with a latitude wedge.
5. Fix minor bugs.
Info und Download V4/V5
Info und Download V3